TTAK News Digest 7/22/18

I have no idea of the context of the photo above, but feel free to caption it in the comments if you wish. It has been a while since I have cleared the decks of accumulating links, so here is a selection for your Sunday reading enjoyment. I DIG MY STOCK PARA-3:   TRAIN STABBINGS, […]


When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to get my Smoky Mountain Knife Works catalogue in the mail. Its pages positively gleamed with all manner of bladed-goodness, from novelty kitsch to premium brands. I never imagined that one day in the future, I could almost take dropping by their brick and mortar – the […]

Best Made / Chris Reeve Knives collaborate with first-of-its-kind handle material

Everyone knows that spider-silk is some crazy-strong stuff.?Apparently there is a company, Bolt Threads, that has managed to produce a really close synthetic version, through process I will leave to Gear Patrol to describe: Making synthetic spider silk involves several simple ingredients and very meticulous science. Sugar, water, and yeast cells infused with spider DNA […]