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Purpose: Help the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce to keep supporting local business’s. We need your help to continue our mission. Click on the picture below to donate 

Donate to Vermilion Chamber of Commerce
Purpose: Help the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce to keep supporting local business’s. We need your help to continue our mission. Click on the picture above to donate 

狼友在线The Vermilion Chamber of Commerce is holding a Christmas in July Fundraiser to help support our local business!! You can purchase tickets by clicking on the Buy now tab below the Calendar.Each Gift Certificate will be for $25 to the business listed.All Gift Certificates are being purchased and donated by the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce to support our local members and merchants!! We hope you will participate!! The more tickets you buy the more chances you will have. Winners will be emailed and announced on a Vermilion Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page!

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Attention Vermilion Businesses and Vermilion Chamber members…Let us HELP YOU reach your customers…send us a 30 sec or less video letting people know how they can support you during this time! Email it to vermilionchamber1@gmail.com or text to 440-367-8126. We will place & promote on our social media! #chamberstrong #vermilionstrong We’re here for you!  ~Sandy & Heather

Did you know that the Vermilion Chamber is the “Information Gateway” for the Vermilion community? This is open to Chamber Members and Non-Members. Please email your Vermilion community events to vermilionchamber1@gmail.com. Please send at least one week in advance to ensure placement on the community calendar. The Community Calendar is under the Event Calendar link located on our website at www.vermilionohio.com. 




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About The Vermilion Chamber Of Commerce

The purpose of the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce is to encourage and develop the intelligent participation of the citizens of the Vermilion community in all areas of community interest, including civic, government, consumer service, education and recreation, health and sanitation, community development and beautification, trade and industry, and to plan and promote orderly community development. Our Chamber of Commerce is committed to providing money saving discounts and other Value Added Benefits to our members. Through our association with NOACC (Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce), businesses with current Chamber memberships can take advantage of many benefits, at no additional expense. These special discounts can improve your bottom line, saving you both time and money.

  • Discounted rates for health benefits BlueCross/Blue Shield

  • Workers Compensation discounts

  • Credit card processing

  • For businesses, free listing on Chamber’s web site and link to your web site

  • Networking opportunities

  • Ribbon cutting with picture ad on our social media.

  • Promotion of Vermilion

The Vermilion Chamber Chose Anthem You Can Too!  Become a member and save money!


Chamber Hours Chamber of Commerce Summer Hours (Memorial Day to Labor Day)Monday – Friday: 10 am – 4 pm Chamber of Commerce Winter Hours (Labor Day to Memorial Day)Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 10 am – 3 pm Chamber Location The Vermilion Chamber of Commerce (5495 Liberty Avenue) is the 3rd door east of Main   Street on the south side of Liberty Avenue.  

Chamber Affiliations The Chamber represents the businesses and residents of the Greater Vermilion area throughout the state of Ohio through the Chamber’s affiliation with various organizations and groups. The Vermilion Chamber of Commerce is a member of:

The Chamber Works In Collaboration With:

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