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Global Bridge Holdings - Homeowners Can Keep Thier Homes


This press release came out today and is good news for any home owners that have lost their homes or are in the process of losing their homes.

Global Bridge Holdings a Boutique Lender serving thegreater  Tampa Bay Area has been the towncrier for the past three years they’ve offered Securitzed Forensic MortgageAudits. They provide a comprehensive 55 page Audit with two expert witness’sand a notary. This has been used by Foreclosure Defense Attorney’s throughoutnot only Florida but a number of other States, as an evidentiary tool or in thewords of Managing Partner,Mike Conlon the “nuclear suitcase” when it comes timeto counter the Banks adverse and aggressive foreclosure tactics. Federal Judgesare accepting these Audits as validated unbiased third party facts. Theytypically give the Banks or Lender 20 days to respond and once the overwhelmingevidence of Fraud exists against them,they typically move into a settlementmode.

Results have ranged from Principal Reduction at or nearCurrent Market Value with interest rates somewhere between 3-4% fixed andamortized over 30 and 40 year terms,we’ve seen compensatory damages paid,QuietTitle’s issued,etc. Since this is still evolving law,sometimes it simply comesdown to what County you live in or what Judge you might get. As our LeadAttorney and Expert Witness States “ when a homeowner answers in theaffirmative and strongly,they have a very high likelihood of a favorableoutcome” and on the contrary those whom bury their proverbial head in thesand,typically nothing good comes from it.

Global Bridge Holdings Helping Homeowners Retain Rights

Boutique Lender service, Global Bridge Holdings' Securitized Forensic Mortgage Audits are becoming an instrumental part in helping homeowners retain their rights in foreclosure tactics.

Tampa, Hillsborough - April 24th, 2013 /Press Release Distribution/

Foreclosure defense attorneys rely on Global Bridge Holdings for their Securitized Forensic Mortgage Audits services due to the positive results they have been able to accomplish for homeowners involved in foreclosure proceedings. These services offered by the Tampa Boutique Lender include a comprehensive 55 page Audit along with two expert witnesses and a notary. These audits have seen excellent outcomes throughout Florida and a number of other states as an evidentiary tool. Or, as Managing Partner of Global Bridge Holdings, Mike Conlon refers to it as, a “nuclear suitcase”.
This “nuclear suitcase” as Managing Partner Conlon calls it, or Securitized Forensic Mortgage Audit, serves to counter the adverse and aggressive foreclosure tactics being used by some banks. Many federal judges have been accepting these Mortgage Audits as validated and unbiased third party facts allowed to become an instrument to help homeowners come out ahead in their quest to protect their rights. Banks or Lenders have been given up to twenty days to respond and since the highest percentage of these audits contains overwhelming evidence of Fraud, the foreclosure case is quickly moved into settlement mode.
As the Global Bridge Holdings Lead Attorney and Expert Witness States, “When a homeowner answers in the affirmative and strongly, they have a very high likelihood of a favorable outcome” otherwise, for homeowners who do not take progressive action, positive results do not seem to come so readily.
For those who have used the Forensic Mortgage Audits services provided by Global Bridge Holdings, the results have ranged from Principal Reduction at or near Current Market Value. These settlements have seen rates established at between 3% and 4% fixed and amortized over 30 to 40 year terms. Some settlements have had compensatory damages paid, Quiet Title’s issued or other positive end results. The counties that homeowners live in the judges they get are two factors that play into what results can ultimately be expected.
About Global Bridge Holdings: Global Bridge Holdings specializes in debt settlement, raising capital, private pocket placements, debt financing, acquisitions and a myriad of other financial services. This full service “Project Diagnostic” financial firm is a Boutique firm offering this full array of banking services to the Tampa area and surrounding locations.

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Name: Mike Conlin
Organization: Global Bridge Holdings, LLC
Phone: (813) 374-1112
Address: 4830 West Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida 33609

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Global Bridge Holdings


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