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There are times when a large bag of diapers or every day is simply too much and you need a smaller version to handle some necessary items. The mini diaper bag is just the thing for you. Smaller versions of newspapers, every day diaper bags, diapers mini bags hold only enough elements for a short trip outside the bags home.Mini see diapers as well as newspapers, bags of diapers every day, some of them with built-in changing pad and pockets for creams and powders, however, that only have a 1/4th of what the larger diaper bags hold. This option is ideal for quick trips to the store or the library when you're going to be away from home for a short time, but there is a possibility that might need a quick change diapers or a bottle of formula or juice.Mini bags of diapers can be used for newborns and premature babies because their diapers are much smaller than regular diapers. And usually, newborns and babies preemie sleep much so a quick trip to the store or somewhere where they know there is a good opportunity not wake up or you need to change, is a good idea to put the diaper mini verses bag large, regular, daily diaper bag to take less to operate during its day.Mini diaper bags can also be used for the older child who is almost potty trained but could have an accident. Bring a mini diaper bag with a pair of underpants, a package of wipes and a pair of cleaning or shorts and ready to go. This works well especially if they are not carrying a large bag to put on these issues. A mini diaper bag can save room and a lot of problems with just the right amount of room and only the quantity of items for either a baby or babies child.Most only need one or two diapers, a change of clothes only one encasode accidental overflow diapers, wipes, powder and / or cream and a toy or two. All this fits very well in a mini diaper bag and is easily stored in a stroller bottom basket or being carried around your shoulder without too weight.Mini diaper bags and work with the umbrella strollers because they are compact. Umbrella strollers are used for short trips and so are the mini bags of diapers. They make a perfect pair.Some parents who both bigger every day bag of diapers and mini-bag of diapers if you have several stops to make. And when they reach where they are, mini diaper bag filled with what they need from the biggest bag of diapers. This is not saddled with a large amount of supplies each time the run in a shop or a friend's house, but they have everything they need in the car in case of unforeseen issues.Mini diaper bags can also work as purses when mom was leaving a party where they invited babies. There are some stylish mini diaper bags with enough space for the keys to mom, lipstick and cell phone - all small items - in addition to the baby's diapers, bottles and cream or powder. No need to lug around a purse and a diaper bag.Mini diaper bags are ideal for quick and short trips and trips are a great addition to your baby.

Synthesis: There are many new innovative ideas being created for baby bags. Some of the ideas are created for a new generation of mothers who want an "on-the-go" bag. New ideas help these mothers to have a bag that is stylish but still has the necessary pockets and compartments to fit the needs of the baby and the mother.
2008: year of the rug rat; No pregnant pause for our favourite stars as they share their joy in the spotlight.

Christine Sams
Entertainment Reporter

IT IS a celebrity baby boom that has gossip magazines in a lather. Some of the world's best-known celebrities are leading the trend of being happily pregnant and proud of it - with two of the biggest names, Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie, reportedly giving birth in the same Los Angeles hospital yesterday.
Richie and partner Joel Madden had a girl, Harlow Winter Kate Madden, at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Aguilera and partner Jordan Bratman are believed to have had a son, as yet unnamed.
Unlike women who can focus on a healthy pregnancy and birth out of the limelight, the world-famous mums-to-be have to deal with media attention and bidding wars over photos of their offspring.
"It is no longer career death [in Hollywood] to have a baby ... the biggest stars are now proving that it's possible - they can have lives and schedule their films around it," said Michelle Endacott, editor of New Idea. "It is such an exciting time."
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Nicole Kidman who last week announced she was having a baby with her husband Keith Urban, is just one of the Oscar winners expecting in 2008. Cate Blanchett is due to have her third child, while American star Halle Berry is also pregnant.
The list of celebrity pregnancies doesn't stop there: Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, UK singer Lily Allen, Britney Spears's younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears and Australian actor Sarah Wynter are also expecting.
As if having a celebrity mum wasn't advantage enough, children born from next month onwards come under the Chinese year of the rat. Being the first sign of the zodiac, "rats" are supposed to have an above average chance of becoming wealthy and successful.
Kidman plans to stay in Australia for her pregnancy, but insiders say she might return to the US if the paparazzi become problematic.
"If the paparazzi go stupid, obviously she'll have to go overseas ... which would be a shame. But obviously the safety of her baby comes first," said a source close to Kidman.
"This is quintessentially an Australian baby - conceived in Australia, while she was working on Australia - so she would like to stay here. Of course they [Urban and Kidman] would like it to have an Australian passport and be born here."
At this stage, Kidman appears likely to give birth in Sydney. "It is unusual for a big star to come back down here to give birth, but in Nicole's case she's very close to her mum and dad and she's very close to her sister Antonia," Endacott said.
Friends of Kidman said she was thrilled by the good wishes she received after announcing her pregnancy. She has been inundated with congratulations and flowers.
"It was a happy announcement for me," said Wendy Day, Kidman's long-time publicist. "I'm very thrilled for Nicole and Keith."
Last week, actor Toni Collette gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Sage Florence Galafassi.
The celebrity pregnancy boom has prompted renewed interest in celebrity baby names.
"I think the biggest feedback we ever had was when Gwyneth Paltrow called her baby Apple," said Endacott. "But there have been a lot of traditional names of late - we're really tipping Nicole will go for a traditional name for her baby. I don't think it'll be a Suri or a Shiloh."
Blanchett, who already has two young sons, Dashiell and Roman, is working with her husband Andrew Upton as the co-director of the Sydney Theatre Company in 2008.
She is expecting her third child in April and will remain in Australia for the birth. (Her boys were born in London).
In the US, the spotlight is on Jennifer Lopez, who is believed to be expecting twins next month, Halle Berry, who is seven months pregnant, and Jessica Alba, who announced her surprise pregnancy with boyfriend Cash Warren. Australian actor Sarah Wynter is expecting a baby any day.

Synthesis: In todays society celebrities have a huge impact on how new mothers want to be percieved. People want to look cool with their new borns a change from past generations. This new style is a huge positive for the baby market who has a larger target market to work with.
Baby's dirty diapers inspire couple to deliver fast-growing product line; ' It's not going to be a hobby '

The Daily News

When Ellen Diamant couldn't find a practical diaper bag for her son, she looked past her frustration - and saw a business opportunity.
After her son Spencer was born, the Upper West Side art director went hunting for a bag that fit her urban style. The best she could find was a quilted navy sack that looked ugly hanging from Spencer's stroller.
Diamant was sure she could do better. She told her husband, ex-Internet exec Michael Diamant, they should design their own sleek, unisex, messenger-style bag that would move easily from stroller to shoulder.
"I wanted to do it and sell it to my friends," Ellen Diamant, 42, recalled. "Michael said, 'If we're going to do it, it's not going to be a hobby, it's going to be a business.' "
The couple not only made the bag, they launched a product line that's bringing baby chic to style-starved parents.
Launched in 2003, their company, Skip Hop, is growing faster than a toddler can smear chocolate across his face, taking in $10 million last year, double the total of 2006, and expanding its payroll to 22 people out of its W. 29th St. offices.
Skipping far beyond their original cool bag, dubbed the Skip Hop Duo, the Diamants now sell an array of streamlined items for parents and their babies, such as striped bottle bags, denim diaper changers and an industrial-looking plastic bottle drying rack created by award-winning product designer Scott Henderson.
There's not a tacky pink bunny or clown face in the bunch.
The line can be found at large chains like Buy Buy Baby and Babies "R" Us, and in smaller upscale specialty stores like Giggle. The preschool-aged company even scored a deal with Target, which sells a lower-priced, scaled-down line of Skip Hop products called Spark.
"There's a real change in what parents expect," said Michael Diamant, 40. "Demand for that today is being picked up by companies like Skip Hop."
Just five years ago, the couple knew nothing about the baby business. But Michael Diamant, who has an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School, had experience building companies from scratch.
An entrepreneur during the go-go Internet era of the late '90s, he pocketed several million dollars from the sale of T3 Media, a Web design company. But his next Internet venture, a YouTube precursor called iClips, went bust in 2002.
"For eight to nine months, I was floundering around," he said. "The babysitter thought I was a bum."
He got busy again pursuing his wife's diaper bag idea. The couple paid a designer $5,000 to create a prototype, then asked friends to test drive the bag on their strollers.
After getting multiple thumbs up, they found a manufacturer in El Salvador to make a first run, spending more than $10,000 to produce about 400 bags. They set the retail price for the Duo at $50, wedging it into the market in between designer and mass market bags.
Skip Hop debuted at a trade show in 2003. Soon after, orders from retailers starting flowing in. First year sales hit $1.2 million.
"You can't go past a stroller without seeing a Skip Hop stroller bag," said Upper East Side mom-to-be Nicole Arslanian, who owns accessories company Talene Reilly.
The Diamants said they've put little of their own money - less than $100,000 - into the business. Early on, they secured a $200,000 loan from Citibank and favorable credit terms from suppliers.
Last year, Skip Hop raised $1.6 million from investors, including showbiz exec David Friedensohn. The Diamants still own 70% of the company.
The new money, which they are investing in top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment, will allow the Diamants to keep adding new twists to old-line baby products. A recent example is a foam play mat with removable geometric shapes, rather than letters of the alphabet.
"Nobody had innovated them for years," Giggle founder Ali Wing said. "They said, 'Let's make it cool and make it more aesthetically pleasing.' "
The Diamants don't always have the magic touch - the company has turned out some clunkers, too.
One idea that didn't work was a sippy cup designed to be attached to strollers. But the cup kept slipping off, and the project was scrapped.
Will they try again? Probably not, Ellen Diamant said.

Synthesis: In todays society mom's want to look "chic" due to a fast growing generation of celebrity mothers and high fashion leaders. Due to this an outgrowth of new products and innovative ideas are being created to help deal with this new growth.

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Categories for 2008

· Luster
· Holographic
· Mirrored
· Glow

· Molten
· Charred
· Melt
· Blistered
· Waxy

· Skin
· Hair
· Viscera


· Barely There
· Temporary
· Blurred
· Dust

· Ordered
· Random
· Crumpled Sheared

性质活性生活视频 Pictures: (Top to bottom): Luster, Blistered, Viscera, Random, Ordered, and Barely There

2008 Spring Summer color vs. 2009 Spring Summer color

Working closely with the WGSN ThinkTank colour palette (early inspirational colour analysis for all design-related industries), this palette has been compiled to reflect the most important colours for the spring/summer 2009 season for the accessories industry.
We have updated the way we work for the spring/summer 2009 season and arranged the palette by colour levels.

Neutral tones take on a more warmly shaded, yellow-tinged caste this season.
A newly emerging level developed from autumn/winter 2008/09. Creamy vanilla- and apricot-influenced pastels through to more exotic coral and tomato reds are imbued with an orange-red glow.
Pink shades take on a natural, powdery complexion or alternatively are deliciously fresh, sugary and edible, in the form of tangy sorbet and jelly through to candied artificiality.
Browns take on mellow, sun-ripened amber and golden castes, from tannin-infused biscuit and tea shades through to more rich and aromatic coffee tones.
A concise level of purple-influenced blues evolve from autumn/winter 2008/09 with a cool ultraviolet intensity.
Crisp blue shades are permeated by cool grey for a chilled aqua caste, from the palest misty tones through to the deepest slate, indigo and pitchy darks.
Yellow-influenced green shades continue from autumn/winter 2008/09, becoming more fresh and verdant or bright and acidic in tone. Yellow infuses the palette rather than making a standalone colour statement.

? The fundamental neutral palette underpins this season’s colours.? Grey is diffused throughout the palette and also appears as an influential tonal group with a warm cast.? Rich and deep, succulent, dark summer colours are trans-seasonal and practical or delicate and luscious. Important are Treacle, Lapis and Marron to replace black.? A return to soft purple and violet levels.? Yellows are sunny, buttery and warm.? Pinks are less synthetic with a more natural, realistic flavour.? Sea blues have mood and depth, while briny, kelpy greens suggest underwater plant life.

Analysis: There are subtle changes within a year for color. The neutrals are remaining close to the same in color. The reds seem to be a little subdued in 2009 compared to 2008. The blue colors seem to intensify from 2008 to 2009. Overall the colors don't change much, a slight change in the tint or shade is noticeable. The main difference is the name. For example Oxblood of 2008 is very similar to Plum of 2009. Other colors that are similar are Wasabi-2008 and Lemongrass-2009 as well as Verdigris-2008 compared to Absinthe2009.

Information found at WGSN-EDU.com