Letter From Mississippi

Hey Y’all,

Like most of y’all, my wife, Monica, is livid about the murder of?George Floyd?by a Minneapolis Police Officer.? Moreover, she is perplexed by my seeming lack of concern.? She can’t understand why I’m not as outwardly angry as everyone else as she walks around the house, givin’ me that scolding black woman side-eye.

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Pouring Salt on a Wound (Media Criticism)

A Salt Lake City cop was filmed throwing an elderly bystander to the pavement in the first 50 seconds of the video posted below. It’s just one of many brutal acts that have been committed by cops under pressure from protesters in cities all over America. (I’m not claiming that pressure has been all good. I doubt the woman who blew up a police van in New York with a molotov cocktail is George Floyd’s sister under the skin.) What distinguishes this scene of brutality, though, is the nada response of one reporter who witnessed it.

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Notes on Being Down But Not Out with Hip-Hop

The author of this piece wrote it before the killing of George Floyd. (See his postscript on that score below.) Osborne notes “recent real-world events take precedence over bitching about good or bad rappers.” Your editor takes Osborne’s point but his act of imagination isn’t out of time. His refusal to buy into ugly images of black men is, in its sweet way, a contribution to the struggle against real killer cops.?

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