ady9映画By analyzing usage, spend and contract renewals of 17M companies
across 40k+ technologies.

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      Look up customer landscapes of 40k+ technologies

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      Look up buying patterns for 17M companies

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      Technographic Intelligence

      Discover buying behavior, usage, spend and renewals for over 11000 technologies


      Firmographic and Peoplegraphic Intelligence

      Uncover buying patterns of over 17M companies and identify their decision makers

      Personalized recommendations

      Predict who is most likely to buy today based on internal and external triggers


      Use deep insights from 360-degree company and technology graphs toimprove conversion rates.

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      Track customers of different technologies and capture their movement over time. Look uppredictedcontract renewal dates.

      Lead & company intel all at one place

      Discover verified emails, direct dials, buying preferences, financial insights, social andtimingtriggers to identify, prioritize and engage target accounts.

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      Company details for targeted outreach

      Look up company descriptions, products and services and top customers.

      Deep prospecting engine powered by lead intelligence and machine learning

      Improve conversions via deep prospecting

      - by capturing intel that helps launch the right campaigns for the rightaudience

      Improve productivity via machine learning

      Improve productivity via machine learning

      - through actionable insights based on what is working best foreachuser and across teams

      Rich filters

      Filter companies and leads by technologies, social insights, company financials and budgetarycycles

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      Company selection & prioritization

      Look up companies you want to target and narrow your search. Focus on similar companies whereyou’vehad most success

      Single click export & integration with CRM

      Downland lead intel to a spreadsheet or export to your CRM

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      Join other business professionals reading the Slintel weekly posts.


      Detailed lead & company pages

      Access full contact information of leads, and intel at a lead and company level

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      Data Enrichment

      Enrich your data with deep insights on leads and companies

      Campaign customization

      Craft hyper targeted emails. Double down on what is working well - Templates, parameters,leads,companies

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